• How We Work

    Kuttikandam Concerns – A company established more than four decades ago at Changanacherry is now a leading Builder, Contractors in Kerala, fully engaged in construction activities, timber business and production of Granite Metal Products. A pioneer in timber business and is very prominent in timber marketing and sales. Being a direct purchaser from GOVT.Depots, we are in a position to offer the products at a very reasonable rates . We are also having a modern Crusher Unit, producing very high quality Metal products like 20 MM & 6 MM Metals,Sand and Dust. We are supplying these products to our well satisfied Clients all over Kerala.

What about us?

    • Our Vision

      To build your hopes and dreams.To leverage individual talents as a team to attain excellence, standards of vision, purpose and values for those we serve.

    • Business Objectives

      The foundation for all of our business dealings. It is paramount to establishing trusting relationships and must never be compromised. We believe honesty, trust, and respect to be essential for our long-term business success.

    • Our Core Values

      How do we act when striving to achieve our vision? What are the organizational and personal day-to-day values? What values will be passed to our children?

    • Creative Team

      Effectively functions through TEAMWORK. Through real time communication, we carefully co-ordinate every step of the process with client, architect, engineers, material suppliers, municipal authorities and other team members.

    • Quality Assurance

      We will encourage and support company and/or employee involvement in the community through use of time, talent and treasure.

    • Research & Development Activities

      We will support the growth and advancement of our employees by providing opportunities for continued training and education to them.

What else can we do to convince you?

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